Saturday, March 25, 2017

Have backpack will travel

Into the final countdown for vacation and my backpack and daypack are all ready to go. I'm using this knapsack - pictured here on the right, it's kid size but holds 40 litres - which I picked up as a reward for my excellent oncology appointment last week. I'm into the every
My life in a bag
three months specialist physical checkups (tests only if something is found) and was pronounced "hale and healthy, return in June". The pack is for a six week Greek islands hopping venture this fall. The intent is to check out a few of the Cyclades in September / October travelling in a minimalist style. So, what better way to understudy that role than a month hanging out in Cuba? Mind you, a few extras this time around what with dressier clothes, shoes etc. but have reduced my wardrobe to travel pieces and invested in a portable camping washing thingie….the Scrubba:

Well, actually invested again because the first one was 'tested' by two of the daughters in sequence while travelling and the second time around the scrubba didn't make it back. So, two thumbs up.

Heard again from the travel clerk for work with travel dates but no ticket received so will have to accept whatever flights they come up with. The travel partner / great white hunter had written (well I wrote and he signed the letter) to the Hunters & Trappers Committee (HTC) in Sachs Harbour, requesting permission to hunt snow geese this spring when he accompanies me to work. He received a cryptic email from the HTC clerk stating…..please fax letter, no internet. He complied. No point in questioning how the email was sent without internet…such situations are not unusual in the north. Research on travelling with shotgun/ammunition on various airlines is ongoing. 

Made the rounds of final appointments this week with haircuts, spa, physio. My transitional hair is still curly but…appears to be growing in straighter, although thick and not as grey. The hair stylist tells me that a year after chemo, finds you with the hair which you'll be left with. In the meantime, every haircut is a new challenge. Trying not to invest too heavily in curly styling products due to the temporary nature of the situation. I explained I'd gifted the wig to a former coworkers mother who is in need of it, should she contact the stylist regarding it and we decided that these type of things should be used not stored. My physio appointment included prolotherapy injection for my back and while the rhuematologist was examining my shoulder she commented on a 'mole with a halo' and mentioned having it checked. I thanked her for her concern but explained that spot was a ways down on my list of concerns after the past year. I shared my medical history and she said "oh my" a few times and I assured her that my plan was to be in the surviving group. She asked what drugs I'd received for chemo and….after living that experience for five months, being able to spout drugs, dosages, side effects etc. I found myself drawing a blank. I looked at her blinking, frantically searching my brain and finally said "I could look them up" to her incredulous gaze (she knows I'm a nurse) before somehow retrieving first one, then the other from my memory bank. As I said to the physio "it's amazing how I forgot so quickly something which completely took over my life" and then we both agreed that this is a good thing I've moved on. Today I was pampered at the spa with manicure, pedicure, facial etc. as I readied myself for instant summer. Ahhh

Just finished off a photo book from the Flo-ridication, using a voucher which will expire so it will be awaiting us when we return. Downloaded some e-books and that was the final task on my list before departure. So, off to bed as tomorrow morning is the community breakfast at the Fire Hall. My plan is to walk there and back, somewhat negating all those calories.