Friday, June 16, 2017

Eat less chicken

We are safely home and more or less settled after arriving a week ago. An uneventful three days of travelling for the most part - just the way I like my commutes thank you. A bit of turbulence along the way, including some aerobatics coming in to Inuvik in a small plane with strong crosswinds and then a major dip to the left (threw the life jacket out from beneath the seat) on the 737 as we approached the station stop the next afternoon in Norman Wells (must've been the down draft between the mountains in the Mackenzie River Valley). We headed in to the terminal to stretch our legs and the travel partner got it into his head that he'd seen his luggage in a storage bay. I attempted to reassure him that the luggage is not off loaded here but he was not to be calmed so I said "go ask at the Canadian North desk then" and watched as he approached two clerks - the first was kindly reassuring but gave him a wary look, the second was emphatic and I watched her shaking her head NO adamantly and completely discounting the possibility. The two of them gave each other knowing looks as he walked away. When he returned I said "they don't believe it anymore than I do then?" and he sheepishly agreed. His pain was eased when the action packer containing the muskox skull and duffle bag of frozen geese fish came off the carousel in Edmonton. Muskox skull you say? Oh yes, if one is exporting such a thing a tag must be issued by ENR (no tags were available in the community) so this required a pre-flight field trip to the ENR office in Shell Lake and a receipt from someone back on the island (the clerk at the health centre was kind enough to write and fax this) so a tag was issued. We spent a few hours in Edmonton with a Cuban friend (and his missus) having some adult beverages and snacks at the hotel and sharing the Cuban wedding photos. Good for the shore captain to meet the missus and we all had a great catchup. A quick Edmonton to Calgary hop the next morning and then direct flight to Halifax where I sat next to a lady travelling with five other friends/sisters to Scotland, England and then a cruise to the Canary Islands. Ahhh envy is such a negative emotion. We were met by our son-in-law at the airport and stopped for a visit with our three girls and granddaughter (who is now crawling as the military do on obstacle courses) and has excellent fine motor skills (managed to extricate her auntie's passport from her wallet and 'read' it). We were home by 11 pm and after a few days of acclimatizing have finally gotten the time zones sorted out. 

Before updating this blog further, let me just instruct you (if you haven't already seen it) to watch the movie Maudie - it's the Maud Lewis biography. It was sad, but not as overwhelming as I've heard it described - mind you that was by someone who cries over commercials. I've just returned from a screening at the local arts centre (it played in movie theatres while I was out of the country) and it was a sold out show tonight. There should be nominations for Ethan Hawke and the female lead. It is being rescreened on Saturday night. This wouldn't work for me as I'm heading to Pugwash for the weekend, but more on that later. 

As I was getting settled in at home, I noticed all three cats acting (more) weirdly and looking out the veranda room door. Flicked on the light to find Mr Racoon had entered through the cat door and was munching the cat food left there for Stanley to snack on during the night. He calmly continued eating and was only mildly alarmed when I touched the door handle. Mikey did security duty staring the intruder down through the glass, Stan hid and Squeakers fixed him with an insulted stare as in 'you're the one who goes outside do something' look then glared angrily at the unwanted guest. The life partner was summoned and pronounced the visitor "cute" and left. After the food dish was empty, Mr Racoon took his leave. This is not the first time he's had take out here. 

This past week has been one of catching up on appointments and tasks while easing back into 'southern' life of hanging laundry out. Today was sunny but a bit cooler and I was able to walk to the mail in the afternoon and not have to wait for after supper cooler temps, a couple of days have been positively tropical and were enjoyed on the deck with BBQs. I made sure to run errands in the morning so as to enjoy the UV later in the day and have battled the blackflies and ticks on all fronts. The shore captain has been mowing, expanding his greenhouse, planting, building a new rose trellis and catching up on his office work. I've been crocheting some dishcloths (gotta get that stash down so I can see over the end of the sofa) and have been sharing them around. 

On one my drives as I listened to CBC there was a vegan being interviewed who was rallying for saving chickens by eating pork or beef as more lives are saved due to the number of meals their larger size provides, interesting concept:

Heading to Pugwash for the weekend as I'm attending a writing workshop being given by Marjorie Simmins (wife of Silver Donald Cameron if that helps) called The Minefields of Memory. Here's a link to a YouTube interview with the author in 2014 as her book Coastal Lives was launched:

Seems as if she'll be an interesting mentor. As part of the package she's already kindly critiqued some of my pages from my 'family stories folder' which I forwarded. I've gathered up my supplies as instructed and reviewed some materials (this is like the third memoir writing workshop I've taken…looking for motivation I think). The life partner is coming along (driving Miss Daisy) as we're visiting the granddaughter on the way and he approves of enjoying wine with the readings being given Friday night. If you watch the short video on the site it will make you want to stay as well I promise, it's a lovely heritage site:

I was pleasantly surprised to find a $99/night accommodation cost and use of the kitchen for lunch. The shore captain will be well able to amuse himself visiting wharves on the Gulf of St Lawrence for the day while I toil from 10 - 4. And, as he pointed out…rain is forecast for the weekend so not likely much carpentry/gardening on the go anyway. 

Well, time to crawl into bed as we've opted for an early start to ensure lots of visiting time. 28 years ago I was waiting to be induced for a beautiful baby girl. Ahhh how time flies eh?